Make us your Business Partner.

We know how important physical and mental wellbeing can be to today's workforce.  People are sticking with employers who understand that fitness and fun equate to a happily balanced staff and bottom line.  In short, working with us will make your team proud to work with you.


By helping your employees stay healthy, your company benefits include:

  • HAPPIER EMPLOYEES - Improved sense of value, more activity, raised morale
  • COST SAVINGS - Fewer injuries, lower health care costs, and less turnover
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY - Healthier, more productive, less absent employees
  • BOOSTED ENGAGEMENT - Sharper thinking, increased creativity and collaboration
  • STRONGER COMMUNITY - When people feel better and work harder - we all win.


By being a MEMBER of the Akron Area YMCA, you're eligible for these benefits: 

  • Reduced monthly membership dues
  • Reduced program (swimming, personal training, etc.) fees
  • Child Watch for up to 2-hours when you workout
  • Access to YMCA's across the nation
  • Free group exercise classes
  • Access to the Y's 24/7 operations, with prior registration 

As a Workplace Wellness Partner with the Akron Area YMCA, you will enjoy:

  • CUSTOMIZATION - 3 options for pricing and eligibility (see below) 
  • REPORTING - Regular reporting on employee usage
  • MODIFICATION - Evolve to match business and employee needs


FRIEND LEVEL (5+ Active Memberships)

  • 10% reduced membership dues, including 10% off prorated dues
  • No Join Fee
  • Open Enrollment

PARTNER LEVEL (10+ Active Memberships, OR 50%+ Workplace Subsidy of Dues)

  • 15% reduced membership dues
  • No Join Fee
  • No prorated dues
  • Free month if Company opts for payroll deduction
  • Open Enrollment
  • 1 Free Fitness Class annually 

FAMILY LEVEL (20+ Active Memberships, OR 100% Workplace Subsidy of Dues)

  • 20% reduced membership dues
  • No Join Fee
  • No prorated dues
  • Open Enrollment
  • 2 Free Fitness Classes annually 


  • $40 for 25-30 minute onsite classes, $75 for 50-60 minute onsite classes. We'll bring the Y to you!

Does Workplace Wellness
sound like a great fit for your business?

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