Get Involved as a YMCA Volunteer!

At the YMCA, your time and talent go a long way. Every second you spend as a YMCA volunteer translates into the caring attention that a child or teen needs to grow up healthy and resilient. It translates into support for families, so they can be successful and strong. Into healthier lives for people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and incomes. Into a safer, more viable community that's a good place to live and work. 

As a YMCA volunteer, you can:

    • Lead an exercise class

    • Read to a preschool class

    • Coach a basketball team

    • Cook for a bake sale

    • Design a program brochure

    • Greet people at the front desk

    • Find items for an auction

    • Serve as a role model for young people

    • Help out in the office or at a special event

    • Be part of a group or committee working on a neighborhood problem.

No matter how you help, you'll make a big difference, as you work with others to create a feeling of connection in your community. To solve the problems closest to home, or better yet, prevent them. 

The YMCA needs more people like you. Do something good.
Volunteer at the YMCA! 

The basic definition of a YMCA volunteer is "anyone who willingly gives time to help the YMCA accomplish its mission without getting paid by the YMCA." In the Y movement, we have four categories of volunteers: 

Policy volunteers - Serve on the Y's Board of Directors or on a committee or task force. 

Program volunteers - Help lead programs or assist in delivering programs (e.g. - a program instructor, coach, aide or member of a program advisory council). 

Support volunteers - Serve in the office, at the front desk, in the locker room or on the grounds. 

Fundraising volunteers - Raise money by working in annual, sustaining, capital or other special campaigns; working on endowment development; or by working at or running special events. 

CATCH (SC3) Volunteers - The Summit County CATCH Collaborative is a movement to help children develop and sustain healthy dietary & physical activity behaviors. Volunteers play a significant role in preventing obesity and the myriad of health issues it causes with as little as a 1.5 hour time commitment per week.
>>Learn more about SC3


How Can I Become a volunteer? 

We expect that all volunteers will be as determined and dedicated, as the faculty and staff, in creating a safe and fun place for the community. Download and complete the appropriate volunteer application below and drop it off at the YMCA front desk. 

Click Here to download our volunteer application.

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